Nomad Life

A year ago, we began our nomad life.
Since then we have had 43 different stays.
43 times packing, schlepping, unpacking and getting settled in.

Each time, getting adjusted to a new kitchen, locating groceries, and making food.
Have bought 2 salad spinners, 2 blenders and 2 citrus squeezers,
Left 1 of each in different places…

As we travelled about, we continued working virtually…
Got through a cancer diagnosis, surgery and recovery,
And continue to move all things forward.

More stays coming up as we continue on our nomad path…

Grateful today for
all the love and support from friends and family,
staying connected virtually,
and for my MAO, who holds my paw everywhere we go.






    1. A journey with unexpected things along the way…holding paws is truly what gets me through the unexpected. Also, my favourite thing to do…wander and hold paws with my MAO.

  1. Sabina, for you and Brien all the best. Thank you for the wonderful picture.
    Do not forget Toronto, would be nice to see you here.

  2. Always happy to hear of your new and exciting adventures!! Enjoy every moment as I’m sure you are doing to the fullest!! I hope our paths will cross soon!! Xo V, J & V

  3. This life is suited for you both. You never know what you can discover until you open yourselves up to the possibilities. Sending love to the happy Travelers.

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