Garden outside San Francisco de Asís Mission Church, Rancho de Taos, NM

Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good. Maya Angelou

Not too far from where we are staying is a famous church and the best New Mexican food. Very glad that we made it to Rancho Plaza Grill, and that I now know what a sopapilla is!

After lunch, we walked around the church taking photos and wandered about the mostly empty plaza. In the parking lot, a woman engaged me in conversation. 86 year old veteran from Rancho de Taos. She had lots to say about the Royal Family – theories on Harry and the church with its history of pedophiles. Without a doubt the most interesting parking lot conversation I’ve ever had.

Grateful today for Martie – our neighbour at Casa Gallina who mentioned the restaurant, the parking lot conversation, and for a moment at an historic spot.

Moon River

Savannah Street

After a lovely stop in St. Augustine,FL we arrived in Savannah, GA.  
Early afternoon check-in and then out to the streets…
And what lovely streets they are!

Passed Moon River Brewery on our walk, and started humming as we walked…
Stopped to take a photo of a statue in a park…
Turned out to be a statue of Johnny Mercer – composer of Moon River.

A warm evening for a walk along the river, and through the beautiful park squares.
Loving the preserved architecture, history and plaques along the way…
Spanish moss in the trees, with colourful azaleas everywhere…so lovely.

Grateful today for
a safe drive here – made it through 2 tornado emergency alerts,
walking with my mate and exploring a beautiful place together,
and for a fun set of jazz that started early!

My Irish Charm

My Irish Charm

As we drove from Brevard County, our phones went off…
Emergency Tornado Alert… What?!!
Thankfully no incident and we made our way to St. Augustine.

Enjoyed walking through historic St Augustine.
After lunch, we continued on our way to Savannah, Ga.
Another Emergency Tornado Alert! with lightning striking the highway!

Got off the highway to wait out the storm, and then decided to carry on.
30 minutes later, we were in sunshine, and made it safely to the hotel.
Whew! No doubt, my Irish charm had something to do with it!

Grateful today for
making it to Savannah without incident,
the beautiful place that we are in – so looking forward to more exploring…
and for another city to do my favourite thing…
– hold my mate’s hand as we walk, explore and experience new places.