Caledon Cabin
Photo taken October 2016

Where did the time go?
6 months at the cabin in Caledon have come to an end.
So many wonderful moments appreciating nature and #cabinlife.

We loved having friends and family visit to share the cabin with.
Our double birthday party was epic for us…
I floated on the party vibes for weeks… So much love.

As we move onto our next destinations, my heart is filled with gratitude for
our Caledon Cabin experiences,
our friends and family,
and for MAO… What an amazing adventure to share with you. xxoo

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  1. Hey Sabee:) I saw your post April 16, 2020. I hope you 2 are doing okay with the cancer. My best friend Chris in Vancouver had treatments last year & is fine for 6 months now:) I am fine during this time. I am optimistic that it will be okay when this whole thing blows but life will be different. Work in film is very busy till this Coronathing came in. I look forward to your posts & would love an email:) PS what does MAO & K-shows mean ? Big hugs & love ERic

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