May 2020, St Petersburg, FL

Life is but a dream…

There have been many a night when I hoped that I would awake to find that COVID was a bad dream. The virus, the conflicting news, the variety of opinions (always based on facts), the social media posts and memes combined to be a nasty brew of information. Occasionally, a laugh or two.. and most of it leaving me frustrated and lost.

Moments of joy came in a few forms.

Being in the kitchen has been comforting. I have enjoyed looking for different recipes to try. In the process, it’s been wonderful to come across great blogs. Cooking with the New York Times, Monkey & Me Kitchen Adventures (WFPB recipes) and Korean Bapsang have been great sources for many delicious dishes made. Definite sparks of joy when we use all our produce and very little is wasted.

Video calls on FaceTime and Zoom have kept us in touch with friends and family. Adding a game of scrabble or chess as we zoom has been a fun way to hang together. In the last 6 weeks, we have been to a zoom 40th anniversary, a zoom club quarantine that featured live musicians of Iverna Island, and we had a friend play the piano for us. Wow. It’s all been amazing, fun and really weird to have this as the primary social spot.

My nephew came online this year. Texts, videos and messages from him always bring a smile. His creativity has been a joy to watch. Whether he is making a video for TikTok, doing a dance routine with his brother and sister, or using his 3D pen (a recent gift from Gomo), it is all a complete delight for me.

So, while I may have wanted it all to have been a dream, I am grateful.

Grateful for the many moments of joy from cooking, zooming and from the Song family.

Video below made by the Song family for the kids in their Sunday school… Enjoy!