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  1. We were very fortunate that the railways were reopened. Damage from the flooding was quite severe and there are great efforts continually repairing. It is absolutely magical here…we were blessed with a beautiful blue sky and no rain…Simply incredible!

  2. SaBEE,

    Great Classic shot of Macchu Picchu! You mention your stay at ”Ollantaytambo". Did they tell you what "-tambo" means?

    We stayed in "Tambopaxi" while riding up at the Cotopaxi volcano. It is an Inca word – means "refuge" or "one-night stopover". The Incas were apparently nomadic and had these "tambos" along their major roads travelling from one place to another. Who knew??

  3. Language is quite amazing isn’t it?!
    For a one-night stopover, it was a pretty fabulous place in most spectacular setting! Could easily have stayed a week…

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