Cleanse Prep


My mate and I spend the morning sorting through our clothing and putting things away.
Amazing how much stuff 2 people can accumulate!
Done with our puttering about, we head out for a walk.

Stopped in at Union for a bite – glad to get the perfect seat at the bar before the crowd arrived…
A neighbourly brunch with conversation around the bar…and delicious cabbage rolls!

This weekend is the start of a cleanse prep for me.
Making it up as I go along – the first step is to go a weekend without stimulants – caffeine, alcohol, etc…
Today was good – ate well, drank tons of water, felt good and watched a motivational video at night…

Grateful today for
a great day with my mate,
a perfect brunch at the perfect time in the perfect spot,
and for a good day 1 of cleanse prep.