Dear Ken,

Hard to believe that 10 years have passed since you were here.

Brien and I played a round for your birthday at Payne’s Valley Golf Course today. Inspired by how much you loved Tiger Woods, we played at the first public North American golf course designed by his design company. It is not fully opened yet – our round was 13 holes – which was plenty on a sunny 35C day. Pretty amazing to see a golf course under construction at the top of a mountain. The golf is challenging and fun. And the views are spectacular.

I passed a photograph of Payne Stewart in the clubhouse and it reminded me of this photo. What a swing you must have had. I wish I could have seen it. I know you always wanted me to take up golf. I couldn’t then. I’m glad I have now.

Wish you were still here to play a round with us and share a golf story or two.

You are loved and missed.

xxoo Sabina

Keeping it together

2020 began with renewed hope and new directions.

From 2017 – the end of 2019, we traveled on our nomad path, alongside a cancer diagnosis, surgery and radiation treatments. By the end of 2019, all that could be done had been done. All the doctors said “live your life” and get blood tests done every 4 months. It seemed that we could start to think a little longer term.

By February, we could not peel away from the news of the virus or the John Hopkins dashboard showing the global number of cases, number recovered and number dead.

Today, safe at home is in Florida. If I were to believe everything I am seeing online, we could not be in a worse place. Our day to day does not reflect this in any way, nor does what we experience each day.

Each day blends into the next. Crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, streamed content and zoom get togethers are a part of the day. We’re now watching our first K-drama together…took 20+ years and a pandemic.

The toughest moments often come from those that are the most beautiful – watching videos of health workers, inspired concerts on empty streets, people coming together to support one another during difficult times… These are the moments that bring tears to my eyes as I wonder… What is happening out there?

A glimpse of longer term planning turned to complete and absolute uncertainty.

MAO has been my rock during these times. We greet each other brightly throughout the day – even though we are together all day. We hold hands as we watch our K-drama and hug each other tightly when we go to bed. And we laugh together at silly things.

I am ever grateful for my MAO. Thank you for helping me keep it together.


Rosy, our favourite nurse…
R+B, the Flufflys were with us for the last 2 weeks.
So wonderful to be together.

In those two weeks,
we supported one another,
had wonderful meals in and out…

And we laughed… at times uncontrollably.
Rosy, always bringing humour and smiles.
And then there was that spontaneous dance party!

Grateful today for
the support, knowledge and humour she shared,
having the shared time together,
and for knowing that we always have each other’s backs.