The office while in Taos, NM

Grateful eyes look at each thing as if they had not seen it before and caress it as if they would never see it again. David Stiendl-Rast

We are coming into the last days here in Taos. Over 2 weeks, this casita became home. Waking to the rooster crowing, the morning light into our office, and the surprise baked treats made by Richard have made our time here wonderfully cosy and warm.

Sitting outside at the end of each day to watch chicken channel has been a joy. Amazing to watch them do the same things each day. We will miss our little black hen, Stumpy.

Grateful today for my mate – for finding this spot… for our host and all the care he puts into Casa Gallina…and for all the memories (and of course, photos!) we will carry with us.


“Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.” Rumi

The past week was emotionally challenging. COVID continues, the American election season is in full gear and work life is demanding. Perhaps it was the combination of all these things that sent me spiraling into feelings of exhaustion and hopelessness.

After a few hours, I was calm again, and able to talk with my mate as we had a glass of wine and watched the chickens run about. We wondered about the effect of daily news reading on our emotional state, and we decided to stop reading any news until the election is over.

No more news, no Facebook, no Twitter and no email newsletters from the Morning Brew (this one’s tough) or OZY. Easily done.

After 48 hours, I am happy to avoid all the news sources. Still I felt I needed to something more. Time to add daily gratitude back into my day. A photo I’ve taken with a quote on gratitude for each day… Today is day 1.

Thank you, Summer 2020

Fall begins and I am looking back on our past summer.

We safely experienced different places, and enjoyed being in nature everywhere we were. Golfing was great in GA and MO. Payne’s Valley golf round on Kenny’s birthdate – a hi-light. Work became a larger part of our days, and much effort continues towards moving things forward.

At the end of summer, we are in the foothills outside Santa Fe, NM. Our stay here was a challenge to settle into, more life’s bumpy ride than the rutted desert road into the desert ‘s beauty with its breezes, pine and cedar scents, big sky and smoke enhanced sunsets. Today, with one week left after 5, I have mixed feelings, ready for the next adventure and grateful for this moment.

Grateful for a summer nomad journey with MAO, the memorable spots we stayed in, and for all the things we’ve moved forward.