TED 2011

Rediscovery of Wonder is the theme of this year’s TED conference.
Attending from the kitchen at Huron virtually for 4 days, sharing a listing of talks with links to more information, videos and photographs.  Great updates, and reports, including recorded  talks at TEDblog.
Videos included were played during the conference.

I am grateful for rediscovering wonder. Thank you TED.


March 1, 2011

Session 1 – Monumental

Black Hole Songs , Janna Levin, Physicist

Walking from Siberia to Australia, Sarah Marquis, Explorer


Revolution in consciousness, David Brooks, Columnist  |  Book:  The Social Animal:  The Hidden Sources of Love, Character & Achievement |  Mentioned book:  I am a strange loop

Virtual Choir, Eric Whitacre, Digital composter


Spoke to this extraordinary moment in Arab history, Waddah Khanfar, head of Al-Jazeera **Link is to live recording of yesterday’s talk.

Session 2 – Majestic

House band introduction:  the Berkelee City Music All Stars ,  14 – 17 years old, rrom the Berkelee City Music program

Warhorse, Handspring, puppeteers

Doodling is a powerful tool, Sunni Brown, Visualizer and gamestorming

Powerful, passionate polar photography, Paul Nicklen, Photographer

Re-Greening the Planet, Bill Yao, Global Enterpreneur + Environmentalist

Seed Cathedral – Wow!  Thomas Weatherwick, Architect

TEDActive – what happens when ideas turn into Action – see TED conversations

Awesome music experience – audience is the instruments, Bobby McFerrin, musician

Session 3 – Mindblowing

Flying Art, Carlo Ratti, Architect

“Think to Build”, Kevin Stone, Orthopedic Surgeon

3D mapping technology, Mattias Astrom

Incredible, Aaron Koblin, Data Artist  |   Arcade Fire’s Winderness DowntownBicycle built for 2000Johnny Cash Project |

“Future of Digital Books”, Mike Matas, Push Pop Press

Disruptive Food Technology, Homaro Cantu + Ben Rosh, Chefs  | Moto Restaurant

TEDed, Logan Smalley, x-TED fellow

The art of illusion, Franz Harary, Stage Illusion Designer

March 2, 2011

Session 4 – Deep Mystery

Connecting self, mind and the biology underlying it, Antonio Damasio, Neuroscientist

“Story of student, Tony”, Damon Horowitz, Philosopher

Arsenic for Phosphorus, Felisa Wolfe-Simon, Geobiochemist


Quantum Effects seen in visible object, Aaron O’Connell, Physicist

Musical Performance, Maya Beiser, Cellist

Human Speechome Project + Blue Fin Labs, Deb Roy, Cognitive Scientist


Session 5 – Worlds Imagined


Turbulent Times, Julie Taymor, Director

“Spotlight on World of Warcraft”, Rob Pardo, Blizzard Entertainment

TEDFellows – incredible projects

The Greatest Movie ever sold, Morgan Spurlock, Filmmaker


Global Gridlock + Smart Car Networks, Bill Ford, Executive Chair Ford Motor Co.

Bubbles + Bubbli demonstration, Ben Newhouse + Terrence McArdle, Inventors

Refresh Everything + Projects worth amplifying, Indra Nooyi, Chair+CEO, PepsiCo.

Session 6 – Knowledge Revolution


Big History Project, David Christian, Historian

Nigeria – MDG, Amina Az-Zubair, Development Worker

End Polio Now, Bruce Aylward, Epidemiologist

Khan Academy, Salman Kahn, Educator

Session 7 – Radical Collaboration

TEDPrize Session

TEDx Cairo, “Power of People is much stronger than the People in Power”

Ocean Research + Conservation, Edith Widder, Deep Sea Explorer

Updates on past TEDPrize Winners, Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Inside out Project, JR, TEDPrize Winner, Street Artist

Antony, Musician

March 3, 2011

Session 8 – Invention & Consequence


Appreciating Unintended Consequences, Edward Tenner, Historian of Technology and Culture


The Demise of Guys, Philip Zambardo, Psychologist

Building a car for the blind, Dennis Hong, Roboticist

Automated Cars, Sebastian Thrun, Robotics + Machine Learning

TED Palm Springs – Invite a student to participate in the future of education  http://elevateed.org

Stuxnet Worm, Ralph Langner, Security Consultant


Making a case for the value of curiosity driven science, Manu Prakash, Gizmologist

Personal Statement via video, Ai Weiwei, Artist

Balance needed in personalized web, Eli Pariser, Organizer + Author

Incredible Wearable Exoskeletons, Eythor Bender, CEO Berkeley Bionics

Session 9 – Threads of Discovery


Curated + Hosted by Juan Enriquez, Futurist


In a thread of silk, Fiorenzo Omenetto, Biomedical Engineer

View of the world from a different perspective, Daniel Tammet, Writer, Linguist and Educator

Reshaping Urban Airspace, Janet Echelman, Artist

Creating a new brain, Ed Boyden, Neuroengineer

Modular Energy Packets, Christina Lampe-Onnerud, Energy Expert

“Why your mother was right”, Steve Gullans, Co-Founder Excel Venture Management

Regenerative Medicine + Growing Organs, Anthony Atala, Surgeon

Session 10 – Beauty, Imagination, Enchantment


Storycutting, Beatrice Coron, Papercutting Artist



Tracking Santa, NORAD, TEDU

TEDConversations – 6000+ Translators bring talks to 80% of the world

Wearable technologies, Kate Hartman, Artist and Technologist

Exploring patterns from nature and myth, Shea Hembrey, Artist and Curator

Announcing TEDGlobal 2011 – The Stuff of Life

“Gratitude gets us to the next level”, Jason Mraz, Musician

Session 11 – The echo of Time

Making a chickenosaurus, Jack Horner, Dinosaur Digger

Deciphering the Indus script, Rajesh Rao, Computational Neuroscientist

TEDHero, Tod Martin


Neo-evolution – chosen and guided by individuals, Harvey Fineberg, Health Policy Expert

On Leadership, Stanley McChrystal, Military Leader

Session 12 – Only If.  If Only


Being Wrong, Kathryn Schulz, Wrongologist

Reversing Desertification, Allan Savory, Savoury Institutes

World Peace Games, John Hunter, Educator


TEDActive 2011 Music Video from hmurai on Vimeo.












  1. oh sabina you are so fortunate to have experienced TED! some day i hope to attend..even if its one day!!

    the street artist from france doing his large portraits worldwide is soooooo inspirational! it gives me ideas for future projects! i’m sure you had many thoughts of inspiration..opening up our minds to extraordinary people doing ordinary projects which moves people to make changes or contemplate changes is rewarding work and beneficial to many!
    some day….

    1. It is an amazing event. I have enjoyed attending virtually for the last 2 years.
      The inspired buzz from virtual attendance is intense…I wonder if I might spontaneously combust if I were actually at the conference in person! 😉

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