Dear Ken,

Hard to believe that 10 years have passed since you were here.

Brien and I played a round for your birthday at Payne’s Valley Golf Course today. Inspired by how much you loved Tiger Woods, we played at the first public North American golf course designed by his design company. It is not fully opened yet – our round was 13 holes – which was plenty on a sunny 35C day. Pretty amazing to see a golf course under construction at the top of a mountain. The golf is challenging and fun. And the views are spectacular.

I passed a photograph of Payne Stewart in the clubhouse and it reminded me of this photo. What a swing you must have had. I wish I could have seen it. I know you always wanted me to take up golf. I couldn’t then. I’m glad I have now.

Wish you were still here to play a round with us and share a golf story or two.

You are loved and missed.

xxoo Sabina

616 – Remembering Kenny

A year ago, Kenny died.
Over the year, there were random moments of sadness mixed with wonderings of what he experienced in his last few years.
At times I feel regret for my lack of desire to spend time with him when he was here.
Other times, I search my mind for memories of him.

This evening, the Song family gathered to have a memorial service for him.
His favorite hymn sung, sharing by my brother and a prayer by my sister-in-law.
During the service, Kenny’s grandson Justin noisily runs about the house.
It is interesting to consider what his remembrance of Kenny is…what each person’s experience has been…

Grateful today for
a gathering that celebrates and remembers Kenny,
friends who have been great supports through the past year,
and for seeing a playful, happy Kenny in Justin…



These are unusual days.
Each day bringing new understandings and perspectives.

Awake to a gray sky
and a day of constant rain,
we are in need of a change of scenery…

Venturing out…
A tour of Stanley Park by auto and a lovely lunch by the water.

Family gathers in the evening in honour of Kenny
at the Top of Vancouver…
A special place we are treated to by my “big brother”.

Throughout the day,
Past experiences, memories and stories are shared.

Each sharing contributes to the healing for all.