Wild Web Day


Started the day with a tech task, previously attempted, still not completed…
Question posted on WP Questions,
within 10 minutes, I am skyping with Sabby in Mumbai working on my task of integrating blog and facebook comments.

In the end, while it is not solved, it is better.
And we are having dinner @ Simcoe with the cosmics.
Dinner is a lovely time together – glad Stu was also able to drop by.

Grateful today for
my wild web day skyping with Sabby,
the web tools used for our communication and task,
and for an evening with the cosmics and Stu.

Super Monday Night!


A busy Monday…
Yoga, followed by lunch with my mate and a 2-hr working session.
The rest of the afternoon is spent on my current online MOOC at Coursera.

Late afternoon – a text comes in…the cosmics are back in town!
A text invitation to dinner is accepted…
And so begins a super monday night!


Grateful today for
a busy, productive and focused day,
red lentil curry, rice and salad ready for 4,
and a super monday night dinner and movie with the cosmics!

Inspiring Friday


While the morning started with a great, “Oh, No!”, it was no indication for the rest of the day.
Left our pot of chilli out overnight and forgot to refrigerate. Darn!
After reviewing online comments on this (and there are many), decided to toss it. No risk.

Lunch with 2 nutritionist friends is inspiring and fun.
Definitely no shortage of things to discuss, catch up on and to plan.

When my mate returns from work, we do what we do best together…
hang out, party and have fun!
Tonight’s dinner is a pesto pasta with leftover salmon and a kale / beet salad.

Grateful today for
an inspiring Friday – new ideas to think about and a breakthrough on the Google Analytics!